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Digital signage can be simple.


Conveying a message to the viewing public doesn’t have to be complex. It doesn’t need to have unrealistic expectations of the audience to participate or even appreciate the message or instruction. Take a look at what smart (yes, smart car fame) did for to convey public safety AND promote the brand to their viewers.

This is a nice example of addressing people’s annoyance in the art of waiting. Whether it’s in cue or at a crosswalk. Kudos to smart on how this turned out.

The art of story and making things.

Stories about making things. They certainly compliment each other. And for me personally, any piece of work with a human element creating something is fascinating and powerful.

Storytelling with visuals, music, graceful pacing and text narrative, all combining into an inviting vehicle for a viewer’s  experience. If there is one thing out of place or out of the emotive rhythm of the story, it does not go unnoticed. By contrast, the eloquent precision of a good visual story can elevate us and not release us  until the final frame.

This is what I felt when watching the work of Greek visual storytellers and artists at Deep Green Sea.

One thing I love in the work that I viewed  is the inviting manner in which the motion tracking visual effects of text and graphics is never interrupted by the presence of a voiceover. Yet the story is clear and the human relationally of what you are seeing and experiencing shines through without interruption. In a world where sometimes motion graphics are put in a video for the sake of maintaining interest, I sometimes wonder if it’s because the story isn’t as compelling as it could be. Regardless, a consideration when planning how your audience will receive your story.

Gorgeous videography, editing, music and storytelling. Enjoy.RED DRESS


AR in the Car

Mercedes-Benz HUD

Distraction or interaction?

I’m not much of a gamer. Something about the visual perception of movement that makes me want to take some disequilibrium medicine when I play. Nonetheless, when AR technology came to gaming a few years back I thought the breakthrough might lend itself nicely to smart navigation options in vehicles. Or at least, alternative navigation. Apparently so did some auto companies.

I’d be prone to focusing on the displays and not the sneaky pothole coming up. I just know it! Judge for yourself how well you’d adapt to yet another visual activity on your journey down the highway. Link.


Die cut for a 3D Projection Mapping on a building?

Yes indeed. Some clever planning here from Obscura Digital.
It’s great to see the evolution of projection mapping. This method not only allows for customization of the scenes projected on the given space but actually allows for LIVE content to be specifically made for the building or surface. Kudos Obscura Digital!

Obscura Digital BTS

Moo card offer on

I received my cards today. Decided to upgrade from the free offer to the Luxe by Moo version Overall I am happy with the results. Take a look.

Human camera. That’s it. :)

An art piece bringing back human interaction. Worth a watch.

Touchy, a human Camera

When is a bubble not a bubble? When it’s a SCREEN!

I am rarely shocked at the discoveries made today regarding screen technologies, but this research and proof of concept has energized me to no end. There are many potential uses for this concept. For example something I’d call, “Projected Live Image Control”.  A user could control what sounds were delivered to a matrix of ‘screens’ that would react to build a visual experience. The scenes could resonate (literally) through the matrix.  Too complicated to visualize? Think of an echo chamber. Each echo heard represents a scene. Each scene could react physically with other scenes. Pass through scenes and create new ones. Physical objects could pass through these “screens” and get “re-skinned” with a new depth and reflectivity controlled visual by the sound association. Could this be a new cinema experience? A new art canvas? A new 3D teaching mechanism? Remove gravity and you have an entirely new experience.

You’ve no doubt seen a reflection in a large bubble made of soap before. What if you could control what that image or series of images in that bubble surface!? And now imagine being able to pass a physical object through that scene without breaking the bubble…  Take a look.

Canon digital SLR cameras used in Avengers Assemble

High quality and accessible images for motion picture production .

Brain Scan PSA for Alzheimer Society of BC – powerful storytelling

Visuals holding volumes of information. This is a nice example of conveying complex information in a simple visual story.

Plastic E-Paper launching in April (Europe) – Engadget

Tested as durable in drop tests. Here’s hoping the brightness factors are also as impressive. No doubt we’ll be seeing some garment based applications in the near future. Whether we want to or not.

What would your idea be to use this technology? I’d like to see new hire way finding and best practices info. Product label advertising in restaurants.  Concert programs.  Possibly a durable memory care patient assistance device. …